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Make it go away

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Well, it rained hard this week for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, the water is still leaking below the small window next to the door. The antenna cover is also still leaking, but that’s not a mystery.

More windows

Friday, September 23rd, 2005

I read online that I could remove the inside pane of the broken side window by disconnecting the big window arm openers (bolts), removing the big screen (sheet metal screws), the plastic cover over the side window (drilling out the rivets), and then unscrewing the frame of the inside pane (sheet metal screws). Well, I got to the last step and the screws look like they were sealed at the factory with liquid metal.

I tried every implement and tool I have, including a propane torch with no luck. I’m afraid to use an impact wrench for fear of breaking the good pane of glass. Soooo, I took out the broken safety glass by hand (literally) and dug out the 3/8 inch groove of chunks of glass and scraped off the window seal that was between the panes. In the end, I decided it looks fine and will just not have a storm on this window.
Fixed window Fixed window

I couldn’t stand the subfloor anymore, so Cay gave me some floor paint that she couldn’t use because of the color – its pumpkin. Perfect for this lovely fall weather. I put two coats on, only two hours of work and its so nice to have it sealed.

Painted subfloor

Belles-Lettres Retreat

Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Wellesley Island

Singer Castle

The Belles-Lettres is not just any book club, its an interesting, literate, fun group of friends. This year’s retreat was held on the east end of Wellesley Island. Besides laughing and eating nonstop, we took a boat tour of the thousand islands which included a romp through a couple of island castles. One of our best conversations revolved around Katrina and how (repeat after Tree), “the poor are powerless”. The book for the retreat was “To Dance with the White Dog”, about an older man and his battle to maintain independence in the face of age and health issues. We’re ready to start a commune for the elderly.

I do windows!

Thursday, September 8th, 2005

I started on the front window this weekend (on Labor Day). Its big and heavy. There was alot of garf and humidity in-between the panes of glass so in addition to removing the old gasket and adhesive (2 hours is too long), I took the 14 sheet metal screws out holding the storm window and cleaned it up. I bought new foam insulation tape, unintentionally wider (3/4 inch) and replaced the stuff that had totally disintegrated except for residual adhesive and mold. We are having trouble getting it back on the trailer, I think we need a third person to hold the lip up inside the track.

Front window

9/17 – Cay came and we got the window back in ok with three people.

Front window

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