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The other side

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

The skin on my fingers was not looking forward to cutting the 13′ long stretch of lower inner skin on the road side that needed to be trimmed around the new wheel well cover.  I made another template, but was more aggressive than when I cut the curb side skin as it will be under the twin bed and not exposed.  I got lucky and only made one major cut and one small trim.  No bleeding blisters and it doesn’t look too bad!


Having this skin in encouraged me to install some of the smaller pieces.  The front is coming along nicely.


I’ll post more pics as I move forward on the skins.  I should thank my big brother, Wayne, for letting me borrow his powerful power washer over the fall.  It worked really well on the vinyl-clad aluminum interior skins.  I like these skins.

I really want to install a dead-bolt and have some questions out about what model.  I’m also investigating new 12V receptacles and camera wire options.  And speaking of wire, I forgot to run the tank monitoring wires and need to decide on the stereo speaker locations.  I should take a photo of the wires running along the ceiling next time I venture out  with the camera.


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