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Airstreams in the media…

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Bruce Littlefield was interviewed on “The Today Show” about Airstreams. The video includes some nice historical clips and a mini-tour of a vintage and new trailer.

Trailer condition rating

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Rich Luhr (of Airstream Life) presented a nice classification system for vintage trailer projects in his Tour of America blog. After seeing Rosie’s insides a little more closely yesterday, I’ve been thinking about where she falls in his system. I think she could be easily classified in the refurbishment category:

“Body is lightly to moderately damaged, but 30-70% of the major components need replacement. Floor rot is present. This is the most common vintage project trailer I see, ideal for the “makeover” type of refurbishment, where the interior modified with modern parts and/or new floorplan.”

When I was looking for a trailer, I wanted to find one that was in bad enough shape that I didn’t have to feel guilty for not doing a true restoration. In that way, I could make it more to my tastes and functional to my needs as a 21st century techie and hopefully find ways to keep its vintage character. In retrospect, I could have bought one in a little better shape and still remained guilt-free 😉

fallscene.jpg[Fall in Ellis Hollow]

Time to kill?

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

As I start feeling better, I’ve been reading blogs and forums about Airstreams. Here’s a couple of my recent and old favorites

  1. Tour of America
    The musings of the editor of Airstream Life as he and his family tour America and live and work out of an Airstream. I not only subscribed “Airstream Life”, but ordered all the past issues as they each had an article I wanted to read. I figure they’ll be a good addition to the trailer. Gotta have some dust collectors.
  2. Digital RV
    Rich wrote the book I wanted to write – “The Digital RV”. I also ordered this and it looks like a great resource. The forums are starting to get active and are worth reviewing.
  3. Vintage Airstream Podcast
    These first three are a little incestuous as they all refer to each other, but each offers a different flavor. These podcasts remind me of Click-n-Clack on some level. I really enjoyed Tim playing some songs from the “Trailer Park Troubadours“.
  4. Airstream Knowledge Forums
    This is where I hung out for years learning as much as I could vicariously from other owners. Now that I have something to practice on, I think it will be even more valuable.

Circling the Wagons

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Shoot, I forgot my camera! Mom and I went up to Taughannock SP for the vintage trailer get-together yesterday. Maybe Fletch (hint hint) will share some photos with me. There were 5 trailers there – 2 AS(Stan-26’Tradewind and Tom/Melissa-18’Caravel), 1 Scotty (Mark/Luce), 1 truck trailer (Fletch), and 1 from Switerland? (Mark). It was great to see the trailers and hear the stories about where and how folks acquired them.

Picked up the new Group 27 Deka battery at Fletch’s this week. Then I spent a lot of time looking for AGU fuses (40A and 50A) and realized I never asked Fletch, he may have them sitting up in one of those fun bins at the shop. I replaced all the other fuses in and around the Univolt and in the Control Center. So my 110V system works, but not the 12V system yet. It worked for a bit then goes off after a short while. Might be a short or an open somewhere. With my limited electrical knowledge I used the voltmeter to test the (AGU) big fuses to the battery. They are not working even though they don’t look blown. I can accept that they might be dysfunctional. I’ll check it more thoroughly when I get the new fuses from Tioga Auto on W.State St tomorrow.

I got a box of stuff from Inland RV today…. window gasket, window latches, ceiling lenses, and some Vulkem caulk.

I found the last bottle of Future Acrylic floor wax at the Whitney Point Ace Hardware to put on the internal clean walls to keep them from getting sticky right away.

Not sure what’s up next, lots of choices: Wash and seal the seams on top. Replace the gaskets on the windows and door. Clean-up, grease-up, and fix-up the window latches. Wipe down the walls again and apply the wax. Get the awning working (I was jealous at the wagon circle of all the awnings).

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