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How controlling should I be?

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I am very mixed on whether to reuse the original control panel, rebuild one, or just forget about it.  The circuit board is alot like an Arduino bread board.  I am capable of creating a new one.  I could also just replace the yellow faded plastic face cover that is falling off, but the clock and thermometer may not make it back either.  I could reinstall it as is and call it vintage seventies.


The professional fiberglass guy called me back, he won’t touch the ABS plastic repair of the shower seat, he said it won’t take.  I guess I was only guilty of ignorance, not incompetence that my repair efforts failed.  The other bad news is that I can’t find a used one anywhere online or via email.  I’ve tried VTS, RV Revive, InlandRV, Airforums classified, and of course a massive Google search.  I guess I’ll need to start going door-to-door.

I ran the speaker wires last week, so it seems I’ve decided to house the 12V car stereo in the cabinet over the frig, in the wall facing the office (note to self: upload a floor plan).  I did a little research on car stereos and of course I want all the bells and whistles.  If I were buying now which I am not, I would do something like this Pioneer or Clarion (4-5 stars, 6 channels, bluetooth, aux, remote control, etc).

Still trying to figure out the best way to do the 12V wall outlets.  I found some large wall plates that have an oversized phone jack round hole that may work to insert the smaller 12V sockets I bought.  The regular 12V wall sockets are too long for the space between the interior and exterior walls.  It’s too bad the plastic is broken on the original ones, but even then I would need more of them since I have more places than originally.  I’ll want to paint the wall plates to match the ivory/almond 110 plates.

Current runs through it

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

My current setup/plan.  I have a few circuits complete for 12V (1, 3) and 110V (1, 2, 3A).

From Airstream Redux

Temporary lodging for the converter until the walls of the closet are up.








12V bus bar for convenient connections to the converter wires.








In the back is the ground bar which goes to the converter and to the trailer frame and other 12V negative lines. Midline is the 500A shunt for the battery meter which sits between the battery negative  and the ground bar.  In front is the 50A pole fuse which is line between the positive battery terminal and the converter.


Plugging in

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  I get nauseous cutting into Rosie’s skin.  I guess it’s good to think twice (or ten times) before adding more points of water entry.  As it turned out, I actually did a nice job on the hole I made for the new Furion outlet.










I also put a Furion adapter on my 30Amp electrical cord.  Now I can charge my replacement battery.  Next post I’ll show my converter setup.

No more tuna cans

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Slideshow on the tail lights getting new canisters.

Leak patrol (again) and next steps

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

I know spring has arrived – the peepers are peeping!  Better weather means I can work on a few exterior issues – more window sealing and leak patrol.  For my birthday present to myself, I took Rosie to Fletch’s to order parts for the awning repair – glad to know ZipDee is still in business.  I have the 110 wiring (12/2+ground) planned out and working on the 12V fine tuning.  The Progressive Inteli-Power 4060 converter has arrived along with the circuit breakers (30 amp main with 4-20 amp circuits) and a 30′ shore power cable/plug.



Cleanup and camping

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I camped in the trailer at Robert H. Treman State Park with a couple other trailer folks this weekend.  Robin, Mark, and I took a field trip to Fletch’s and then spent a quiet afternoon hanging out with Robin and mom.  On Sunday, the crew took a hike up the gorge to the upper falls. There was a nice campfire thanks to Mick.  It was such a joy to talk trailers with kindred souls.

I was waiting for Mark's photos since his are so wonderful, but I'll post my crappy one for now.

Last weekend, I finished cleaning off the inside of the exterior walls.  I also finished sorting out the wires so now the only ones running across the ceiling are the exterior lights.  The 12 volt is all removed and the gauge wires are all wrapped up in a bag.  I feel badly that I did not do this before taking it down to Frank, he should not have had to fight with my tangled mess.

I sealed up the front window and I’m still working on the window gaskets for the side windows and adding the fuzzy weatherstripping to the screens as I go.

Summer breeze makes me feel fine

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It’s been great being off work this week.  It’s been warm and sunny, but with cool sleeping weather.  I haven’t gotten as much done as I had hoped.  It seemed that every job required a missing tool or supply or my back wouldn’t hold up.  So I have several started, unfinished jobs.

  • I documented and ripped out the wires for the four main 12 volt circuits.  I’m still trying to sort out the monitoring/console wires.
  • Scraped and scrubbed the inside of exterior walls in the back third of the trailer, removing residual pink and broken wire holders in preparation for reflective insulation installation.
  • Jig sawed 4 feet of insulation foam board into 1 inch strips (Thanks for the loan on the jig saw Marc).
  • Removed and replaced the rubber seal on the back window and did a test run of reflective film on the glass.  Having trouble getting the window back on the trailer.  We need a third person to push in the lip or more finesse on the angle.
  • Prepped and sealed two thirds of the exterior seams and lights with Acryl-R (Thanks for info Frank!).  The other third is prepped.

Left to do before I start insulating:

  • Four new window latch replacements and the fuzzy weather stripping for the window screens arrived, need to take them back off and apply that.
  • Finish removing wires, cleaning up inside of exterior walls, sealing seams, attach window.
  • Seal the interior seams with automotive undercoating or Sikaflex® 221?
  • Leak test

Fred watching me strip the back window.

I started on the top to practice sealing the seams as Frank suggested, but I didn’t get much better by the time I moved down.

Jade would like to thank Frank for putting on the new axles and making the trailer high enough that she can hang out under it now while I work.

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