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A bed and a toilet

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

I’ve been pushing hard for the last week to get a bed and a toilet in the trailer before leaving for the Alumapalooza 2012.  I’ve been so focused, I forgot to take progress pics, but I can report success on these two criteria.  Unfortunately, I did not get through the punch list, but with Nathan and Johanna’s help, I was able to get all but one room walls up and the overhead locker over the bed and the one over the frig.  Thanks to N&J!  They are coming to APZ with me, I hope they catch aluminitis.  We’re meeting Gail and Gloria (53 Clipper) on Rt 86 and caravaning together to Jackson Center.

Bathroom is almost done (not great pics, will update BR over time slideshow):




Future desk:




The never-ending saga of the shower seat

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

[This post is for you Nick, I owe you dinner/drinks] I applied 5 coats of Plasti-mend with a layer of webbing.  It’s sanded and probably as good as it’s gonna get, which is not even close to an even finish, but there are no cracks!  I’ll paint it next week with similar paint as the other pieces (can’t find the Tubby USA site).  A couple of things I learned:

  • I think the product needed to be thinned, it was more like taffy.  You can order the thinner at the same site.
  • I sanded off the my failed fiberglass repair on the front surface, but left the repair in the back since it was holding it together.  Since this stuff chemically melds with the ABS plastic, the surface warped in funny ways where the fiberglass was still on in back.  Part of the reason I can’t sand it as even as I would like.

With some paint, it will be fine until I can find a new one.


Tick tock, status update

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Only one piece of inner skin left to install, the long ceiling piece.  I’m waiting for my antenna to come before I put it up.  I had the floor measured for Marmoleum sheeting.  I’m going with Shitake and hoping it doesn’t take too long to get into the store (Endwell Rugs).

The bumper frame now has a hole drilled in it and a fresh water connection run into the trailer.  Thanks to Marc for sharing his more powerful drill to get through the steel (I will return it soon).



I dry fit the bathroom fixtures to help fine-tune the Pex layout.  Since I can’t find a new/used shower seat, I’m going to try “Plasti-mend” on the cracks — thanks to my buddy Nick for pointing this product out to me.  First I need to sand off the fiberglass, filler, and paint from the failed repair.

In addition to getting the bathroom roughed out, I’d like to have some “room” walls and get the roadside twin bed in before I head out to Alumapalooza.  The other areas (office, kitchen, dinette) will get attn later in the summer.


You can check out my Pinterest boards related to technology for Rosie and other wish list items.

She’s not a work of art like so many are, nor a classic vintage restoration. I think of her as a recycle project and the best therapy I could buy.

Rear end cap

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Sitting in the basement for 2 years didn’t help the yellowing of the aft end cap dome.  So I took it outside in the recent nice weather and put on several coats of RetrOBright (see previous posts). I reinforced the top edge like the front dome.  I was very glad to get it hung up today, before anything happened to it.


Rear dome in the basement


Retrobright application


Hung in place.




What is black and gray and has a bayonet? (back-dated)

Monday, November 14th, 2011

2011-10-12_17-16-00_667.jpg  In October I drove down to Frank’s Trailer Works and I “helped” Frank install the above-floor black tank, the in-frame gray tank and all the connections to the valves and drain hose connection. I’m very happy to have that done, thanks to Frank for his good work and for letting me play along!  I wish I had taken more photos at FTW, but here is the weather from the campground I stayed at the night before outside of Baltimore, it was the loudest rain I’ve ever heard.  The second night, I was honored to sleep in Anna Lumanum.


We also redid the hinge on the battery compartment, the redone rivets held up on the way home. Unfortunately, the connection on the other side of the hinge did not hold up.  I’m not going to risk losing another battery, so that compartment now houses my very light 12V air compressor with a power line back into the converter, this will be very handy for topping off the bike tires at the campsite.  The battery is now stored in what will once again be the bathroom closet (someday) and it will have a mate next summer.

Changing topics… So there is much debate on the best way to install the Fantastic vents.  I replaced the  rear fantastic vent only 6 months after it was installed due to cracks and leaking through the base last spring.  Shortly after the first frost this fall, the front fantastic vent started leaking (A LOT)  one year after it had been installed. First I will say that both the company and Vintage Trailer Supply were great about replacing these under warranty.  It was a bit of an annoyance to have to send them back first, but I’m grateful for the replacements.

This paragraph falls under the adage, “you don’t know what you don’t know” and I still don’t know much.  When I installed the new fantastic vents the first time, I had heard that I should not use the foam gasket that comes with the fans.  I had not heard Colin say to use pan head screws with washers YET.  So the first vents were installed with vulkem and flathead countersunk stainless steel screws.  When I replaced the vent in the back, I used vulkem, pan head stainless steel screws and washers per what I heard on the VAP.  Then on Steve’s advice, I installed the replacement vent in the front with the foam gasket, screws it came with, and silicone sealant (yuck) per the recommended method.  The middle vent has vulkem and flathead screws, and after one year is ok (so far).  So the experiment is on…. will the CH/VAP method or the company/VTS recommendation last longer?  Both of the new vent replacements had fewer and different location screw holes.  Maybe their new design will be better.  I hope so!  I do love these fans/vents other than the cracked and leaking plastic bases.  P.S.  This is my interpretation of the advice, I may have mis-spoke and I apologize if my info is inaccurate.  Do not try this at home.

Fiberglass Shower Seat Repair

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Unfortunately, when I cleaned the bathroom ABS plastic fixtures with Retrobright (see previous post) and left them out in the sun to catch the ultraviolet rays, the wind picked up.  It blew the shower seat off the picnic table and it landed on the bend in the back and created a 2 x .25 inch crevice and a crack extending another 2-3 inches along the ridge.  I thought about having this fixed professionally and also looked around to see how hard it is to find a rear bathroom 1973 Safari shower seat — too expensive to have fixed and no obvious source for a replacement.  I wanted to learn how to do fiberglass, right? (stinky chemicals)

So here are some photos of my amateur attempt at fixing the shower seat.  The last shot shows it with a light coat of spray primer (painting later).  It’s not professional, but as my dad used to say “A blind man on a galloping horse won’t see it” or as Krusty the clown says “It’s not just good, it’s good enough.”  It just hit me, those two were a lot a like 😉

I received the Tubby USA DIY paint kit (Light Almond) yesterday to do the sink and now the tub seat.  I’ll put up pictures after I paint these pieces.

Bathroom RetrOBright test

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Here is round one of RetrOBright application (see my last post).

I cleaned the bathroom fixtures and sanded them with 800 weight sand paper when I took them out in November.  I wiped them down again today before putting RetrOBright on them.

I used Merlin’s recipe with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide (Sally Beauty), Xanthum Gum (food coop), Glycerin (drug store), and Oxyclean (drug store).  It was in the high 50’s with partial sun today.  I applied the goop with a paint brush and was able to coat all four and a second coat on the sink with one recipe.  It seemed to dry out pretty quickly and I should have spread it more consistently, so I washed it off in the house tub after 4 hours.  Be sure to wear gloves for application, moving them around, and cleanup!

I am anxious to do another coat. I think it’s going to work for the base, shower seat, and tub, but the sink is so stained I think I may need to paint it. Click on the picture and you can still see the stains – I don’t think the RetrOBright was meant to take those out. On the other hand, the tub had a circle stain on it and it appears to be gone. So we’ll have to see!

(You can see what the sink looked like when I got Rosie in the link on the right under Picture Shows – Bathroom cleanup – first picture.)

The picture brightness was messed with in PhotoShop (I did a terrible job taking them and they were taken in different places at different times), but I left the color alone.

Before RetrOBright, cleaning and sanding
After RetrOBright X1

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