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Fore dome

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I pulled the front dome out of the basement disrupting the spider festival going on down there.  It cleaned up nice.

Dome = molded plastic piece that fits inside the endcap.  What do you officially call the inner skin of the endcap?


1. Top view of front dome


2. The area it goes in over the window


3. Front view of front dome with opening for the console and storage underneath.

And to answer a question I got about the control console… It actually only controls it’s own back light and the water pump. Otherwise, it’s a tank and battery monitor.  I have a Trimetric battery meter set up with the converter and ran power from the converter  to the water pump forgetting it originally came from the console. I don’t have sensors on the new gray tank, so all I need is the fresh water and black tank connected.  The wires are run and sensors connected at the tanks.

How controlling should I be?

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I am very mixed on whether to reuse the original control panel, rebuild one, or just forget about it.  The circuit board is alot like an Arduino bread board.  I am capable of creating a new one.  I could also just replace the yellow faded plastic face cover that is falling off, but the clock and thermometer may not make it back either.  I could reinstall it as is and call it vintage seventies.


The professional fiberglass guy called me back, he won’t touch the ABS plastic repair of the shower seat, he said it won’t take.  I guess I was only guilty of ignorance, not incompetence that my repair efforts failed.  The other bad news is that I can’t find a used one anywhere online or via email.  I’ve tried VTS, RV Revive, InlandRV, Airforums classified, and of course a massive Google search.  I guess I’ll need to start going door-to-door.

I ran the speaker wires last week, so it seems I’ve decided to house the 12V car stereo in the cabinet over the frig, in the wall facing the office (note to self: upload a floor plan).  I did a little research on car stereos and of course I want all the bells and whistles.  If I were buying now which I am not, I would do something like this Pioneer or Clarion (4-5 stars, 6 channels, bluetooth, aux, remote control, etc).

Still trying to figure out the best way to do the 12V wall outlets.  I found some large wall plates that have an oversized phone jack round hole that may work to insert the smaller 12V sockets I bought.  The regular 12V wall sockets are too long for the space between the interior and exterior walls.  It’s too bad the plastic is broken on the original ones, but even then I would need more of them since I have more places than originally.  I’ll want to paint the wall plates to match the ivory/almond 110 plates.

Travel Trailer Roadside Assistance

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I have AAA and thought it would be good to add RV Plus to my account before the rally season, but the first problem I found is that the cost gets added to all the primary and associate members. Secondly, in talking to the local AAA office, they said they won’t tow the trailer if I have a break down.  They’ll fix a tire on the trailer and tow the tow vehicle, but the trailer stays where it is.

In looking at the reviews, Coach-net sounded good.  I talked to them today and the gold plan will tow a trailer to a safe spot – campground or travel center, but they won’t cover trailers over 40 years old.  Rosie turns 40 next year so she would be covered until December 31st this year. Many of Rosie’s friends are much older than 40 so this would not be a good option for vintage trailers in general. Agists

Next up, Good Sam Club.  Their standard ERS covers all the vehicles you own and one RV which can be a trailer or a 5th wheel.  It is cheaper than Coach-net and AAA.  It also has a GPS-enabled mobile app for the iphone, android, and blackberry.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance includes the cost to tow both vehicles to the nearest professional service center that can repair your vehicle. If the repairs on your truck are serious enough that they will take several days to complete, Good Sam Roadside Assistance will pay to have your travel trailer taken to a safe location, such as the nearest campground while you wait.

Note: Please verify policies before getting a membership as the info could change or I was given the wrong info.

Mobile blogging and more pics

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

I don’t know why I didn’t do this before – install the WordPress Mobile app.  I’m sitting in Rosie swyping this entry and uploading photos.  Maybe I’ll post more frequently with it, or maybe not.

I’m proud of the neatly organized wires running along the ceiling.


And the spaghetti monster is once again under control after putting in the middle wall near the converter in the back.



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