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Bathroom RetrOBright test

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Here is round one of RetrOBright application (see my last post).

I cleaned the bathroom fixtures and sanded them with 800 weight sand paper when I took them out in November.  I wiped them down again today before putting RetrOBright on them.

I used Merlin’s recipe with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide (Sally Beauty), Xanthum Gum (food coop), Glycerin (drug store), and Oxyclean (drug store).  It was in the high 50’s with partial sun today.  I applied the goop with a paint brush and was able to coat all four and a second coat on the sink with one recipe.  It seemed to dry out pretty quickly and I should have spread it more consistently, so I washed it off in the house tub after 4 hours.  Be sure to wear gloves for application, moving them around, and cleanup!

I am anxious to do another coat. I think it’s going to work for the base, shower seat, and tub, but the sink is so stained I think I may need to paint it. Click on the picture and you can still see the stains – I don’t think the RetrOBright was meant to take those out. On the other hand, the tub had a circle stain on it and it appears to be gone. So we’ll have to see!

(You can see what the sink looked like when I got Rosie in the link on the right under Picture Shows – Bathroom cleanup – first picture.)

The picture brightness was messed with in PhotoShop (I did a terrible job taking them and they were taken in different places at different times), but I left the color alone.

Before RetrOBright, cleaning and sanding
After RetrOBright X1

To paint or not to paint …

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I think I’m going to try this “RetrOBright” recipe on the ABS plastic bathroom fixtures.  When I sanded the fixtures down, they still had some stains and discoloration, but this stuff might actually do the trick.

from RetrOBright wiki

Insulation thoughts

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

prodexI’ve ruled out fiber glass, spray on, and foam boards.  I’m thinking two layers of foil insulation and using Prodex instead of Reflectix.  The total space is only 1.5 inches deep.  Apply first reflective layer directly to outside wall, use foam tape or  insulfoam as a perimeter and to create air space?  Is two layers of reflective foil overkill?  The electrical wiring would go in-between the two foil layers.  Can I tape the wires to the foil insulation?  Will it move around too much, tear or pull down the foil?  I’m also thinking of a thin double sided tape on the ribs before the inner panels go up.

Thanks to Malconium at Air Forums and others for sharing their experiences and information (Malconium’s post with pictures)

[side walls] x 2 x [length of trailer] = sq feet of insulation

8′ x 2 x 23′ = 368 sq feet (x2 layers = 736)

Aluminum Withdrawl

Friday, March 5th, 2010

As we drove by Melissa and Tom’s house on the way home from work, I commented to Craig that I should stop and see their trailer, cuz I miss seeing Rosie at our house.  It’s not like I don’t have stuff to do while she is gone: sand, paint and replace the window screens, find a spray paint booth for the bathroom furnishings, finish researching the electric options, etc.  Since Frank hadn’t blogged on the FTW’s site in a while, I wandered over to Anna Luminum (his trailer’s blog) and was pleased to get a glimpse of Rosie hanging with the “kewl” gals in the snow.  And the funny thing is that Frank was whining about missing his trailer in the blog post.  I think we are all starting to get spring fever.

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