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Would you like a cold one?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I cut out a new counter from plywood and covered it with left over marmoleum (plan to do this for the kitchenette counter as well).  It’s camouflaged sitting on the stool over the floor.

Nathan sent me a suggestion for a 12volt cooler since I could not afford the $11oo frig replacement.  I installed the overcounter cabinet (thanks for the extra set of hands Craig), the new counter, and then cut another similar piece and made a shelf to have the cooler off the floor and create more storage space.

You can sit on the temporary futon (future dinette) and have a cold drink on Rosie.




Dead deer, dead frig

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

I killed a deer taking my original frig to be serviced by Jeff’s RV in Waverly.  Then I found out my frig was not salvagable.  I was shook up from hitting the deer, damaging my truck, and finding out the frig I had been keeping safe for several years was trash, but I must say that Jeff was very kind and helpful.  I would recommend him based on this experience.  I sadly recycled the frig at the Tompkins Solid Waste center.  The truck won’t be done until end of next week, so I won’t leave for MN until then.

[pic of truck forthcoming]

Appliance plans – update

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Update to appliance plans



Water pump:

Water heater:

Check out Jade pics

My top 9 trailer design reqs

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

At work we always have to write the dreaded user and functional requirements. Surprisingly, I am doing it willingly. Even though #1 is an assumption for me since I am part alien and don’t tolerate Earth’s biomolecular chemistry, I was inspired by the recent posts about allergies in Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles and Tour of America blogs to list it outright.

#1 Allergan free (or as much as possible): No rugs, minimal curtains, hypoallergenic cushions and pillows, careful choice on chemical use, no perfume, cats, or smoking at any time.

#2 Minimal weight: Use materials that are light weight, well distributed in the trailer. Better for environment and budget, less wear and tear, smaller tow vehicle needed, less gas used.

#3 Utility independence: Efficient 12V and gas appliances, quiet electric re-generation allowing for boondocking, cheaper camping and more parking options.

#4 Comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement for two not-small people and occasional guest, both big and small.

#5 A place to eat and play cards for four (dinette conversion).

#6 Organized and ergonomic work space with a curbside view: chair with good back support and proper desk height, storage options, layout that accomodates for laptop, dock, network, printer, audio/visual, easy off switch for things that stay on.

#7 Simple aesthetics: My taste or lack thereof, not whats en vogue

Fred and Jade#8 Dog friendly: Fred and Jade just ganged up on me and reminded me that I had to mention this one.

#9 Vintage Airstream: Keep look and feel whenever not contrary to first eight items.

Any other suggestions?

Design Ideas

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Reading in the MsTioga blog about a cool desk being built, has inspired me to pull together some layout ideas that have been floating in my head for close to a year. I was saving it as desert until some of the more mundane tasks were done, but since I have mental time and not physical labor time, I’m going to play. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out I could scan the layout from the ’73 Safari Manual and use that as a scaled template. Will post the template and ideas after I get someone to move the scanner where I reach it without breaking the golden rule of no BLT’s (bending, lifting, twisting).

Rosie's layout

[3/26 — See “Design Ideas” page for schematics.]

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