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Let there be LIGHT!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

The fuses did the trick! I have reliable lights and the battery is charging. Since I was feeling more confident of the juice, I brought the boom box in and blared Rickie Lee Jones while I put Future floor wax on the walls.


Circling the Wagons

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Shoot, I forgot my camera! Mom and I went up to Taughannock SP for the vintage trailer get-together yesterday. Maybe Fletch (hint hint) will share some photos with me. There were 5 trailers there – 2 AS(Stan-26’Tradewind and Tom/Melissa-18’Caravel), 1 Scotty (Mark/Luce), 1 truck trailer (Fletch), and 1 from Switerland? (Mark). It was great to see the trailers and hear the stories about where and how folks acquired them.

Picked up the new Group 27 Deka battery at Fletch’s this week. Then I spent a lot of time looking for AGU fuses (40A and 50A) and realized I never asked Fletch, he may have them sitting up in one of those fun bins at the shop. I replaced all the other fuses in and around the Univolt and in the Control Center. So my 110V system works, but not the 12V system yet. It worked for a bit then goes off after a short while. Might be a short or an open somewhere. With my limited electrical knowledge I used the voltmeter to test the (AGU) big fuses to the battery. They are not working even though they don’t look blown. I can accept that they might be dysfunctional. I’ll check it more thoroughly when I get the new fuses from Tioga Auto on W.State St tomorrow.

I got a box of stuff from Inland RV today…. window gasket, window latches, ceiling lenses, and some Vulkem caulk.

I found the last bottle of Future Acrylic floor wax at the Whitney Point Ace Hardware to put on the internal clean walls to keep them from getting sticky right away.

Not sure what’s up next, lots of choices: Wash and seal the seams on top. Replace the gaskets on the windows and door. Clean-up, grease-up, and fix-up the window latches. Wipe down the walls again and apply the wax. Get the awning working (I was jealous at the wagon circle of all the awnings).

Appliance plans

Monday, July 11th, 2005

Craig and I are thinking about replacing the range with a 2-burner drop-in cooktop and a small microwave. I want to shorten up the lower kitchen cabinet to accomodate a full bed in the front. The plan buys us more space, less weight, and enough functionality. This stove is in such bad shape, I don’t want it. I offered it to Fletch for parts and he stopped by with Denise tonight and took it away.

Stove all gone

They invited us to attend a local unofficial vintage trailer group getting together up at Taughannock Falls this Sunday.

Not sure about the furnace or hot water heater yet. Will see how they check out and fit with the revisions. There is a smaller furnace that would be cool to use.

— Cleaned the frig, I hope it works.

Clean frig Fridge model

— Pulled out the crappy crap tubes in the rear bumper, was afraid I would find some poo in there, instead had a great find… the missing “M” in the bumber tray for the “Airstrea_”. Now I just have to figure out how to reattach it.

Missing \

— WD-40’d the jack on the curb-side rear and road-side front and cranked them to the ground. The trailer feels more stable with the “stabilizer” jacks down.

Rear jack

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Two biggies this weekend!

Monday, July 4th, 2005

1. Marc came over with Carol to help us celebrate Nathan’s bday and the 4th (on the 3rd). He convinced me it was safe to try the electric with an adapter off the house with an extension cord AND IT WORKED!!

Circuit breaker Uni-volt

That is until I actually cleaned and filled the battery, which then started charging (according to the Airstream Central Panel monitor) and shorted out leaving the 12V service out of commission, but the “convenience” sockets still worked. According to the manual its probably a bad battery (do ya’think? It had no water, was probably frozen uncharged, and is dated 1984). I need to buy an RV/Boat battery and find the fuse that blew. I tried a battery in the Control panel for the clock and it worked until I got the panel screwed back in.

Airstream Control Center

2. Finished the first cleaning pass today. The “Greased Lightening” is a wonderful thing. You can watch the grease bubble up and just wipe it away. I went through two bottles of it between yesterday and today. I guess it was worth breaking my boycott of Walmart to get it. Thanks to the news lists and Cay/Cindy for encouraging its use. Now I have to find the Future Floor wax. I hope Ace Hardware is still in business. (found out the local Agway carries the “Greased Lightening”, yeah!)

Cleaned ceiling

Almost puked cleaning the bathroom. I am sure it was just road dirt, right? The bathroom ABS plastic has no luster left. It’s stained pretty badly, but mostly intact. I am going to look into taking it apart and spray painting it.

Shower Toiletta

I made a list of parts to order from
Inland RV
and started a receipt envelop for my first purchases (a mat for the entrance step ($8) and a 30amp-15amp converter ($5), and of course the “Greased Lightening” ($2.50 ea.)).

My “holy” floor

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

I took the credensa out to be able to watch the leak and to fix the floor and in the process went right through the floor.

Credenza out Holy floor

Bag-o-wasp nests… the top front vent was so full that when it was cleaned out I kept thinking there was a light on since I was used to no light or air coming through. Thank heavens the wasps were dead!


Inside view of the broken window. Its only cut me twice now.

Broken window

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