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Tick tock, status update

Only one piece of inner skin left to install, the long ceiling piece.  I’m waiting for my antenna to come before I put it up.  I had the floor measured for Marmoleum sheeting.  I’m going with Shitake and hoping it doesn’t take too long to get into the store (Endwell Rugs).

The bumper frame now has a hole drilled in it and a fresh water connection run into the trailer.  Thanks to Marc for sharing his more powerful drill to get through the steel (I will return it soon).



I dry fit the bathroom fixtures to help fine-tune the Pex layout.  Since I can’t find a new/used shower seat, I’m going to try “Plasti-mend” on the cracks — thanks to my buddy Nick for pointing this product out to me.  First I need to sand off the fiberglass, filler, and paint from the failed repair.

In addition to getting the bathroom roughed out, I’d like to have some “room” walls and get the roadside twin bed in before I head out to Alumapalooza.  The other areas (office, kitchen, dinette) will get attn later in the summer.


You can check out my Pinterest boards related to technology for Rosie and other wish list items.

She’s not a work of art like so many are, nor a classic vintage restoration. I think of her as a recycle project and the best therapy I could buy.

3 Responses to “Tick tock, status update”

  1. Rosemary Adessa Says:

    You are an amazing women and I admire you immensely! Thinking of you and wishing you happy travels out west this summer. BE SAFE. LOVE, Ro and David

  2. Tim Cornwell Says:

    Holy guacamole El! I haven’t seen Rosie in a while, but she looks great, or at least like she’s on her way to greatness. Fabulous work. I hope to see her in person again some day.

    I see you are using pex plumbing. It may be too late, but I can pass a tip along that I got from a Lowe’s employee:
    Lowes doesn’t rent the crimping tool, which was around $100 at the time I needed one. I mentioned to a sales person at Lowes how I wouldn’t need it for more than a dozen or so connections and he recommended the “Lowes alternative rental plan” – where you buy it, use it, then return it. I noticed that the ones they had appeared to have been “rented” this way more than once, so I went ahead & took his advice. 🙂

  3. elly Says:

    Tim, come visit sometime! Ro/David come again sometime!

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