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Preparing for inspection

The trailer has not been plugged into a vehicle since Fletch delivered it 3 years ago. I guess its not surprising that only 4 of the 20 running lights work. The left blinker and tail light works, but not the right. The backup lights didn’t work at all. The picture below is how I found it when I took off the lense – do’ya think thats why? There is no socket remaining on either side. I’m debating whether to jerry-rig (as opposed to jimmy-rig) a closed unit that I found at Northern Tool or re-wire a socket.
Backup lights

I made a list of the bulb numbers based on the owners manual for running, tail/blinker, backup, and license plate lights. I was able to find them all at Advance Auto (bought a few at Camping World since I bought out the entire stock of running light bulbs at Advance).
Exteriour lights

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  1. elly Says:

    When I tried to replace the running light bulbs, the plastic prongs that hold the metal conductors in the base crumbled on at least 4 of the 10 bases, the rest look like they’re about to disintegrate. The edges are also crumbling and I think there’s only a few more times I can pull off the lenses before they’re destroyed. I decided to splurge and get new LED running lights from Vintage Trailer Supply. I’ll take some photos of them being installed and functional (hopefully) after they arrive.

  2. elly Says:

    The Northern Tool light didn’t fit in the mounting base.

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