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LED’s and Incandescent Lamps

I’ve been reading about replacing LED’s on the Digital RV and Airstream forums. Its difficult finding replacement incandescent bulbs locally, let alone LED’s. It’s great to Google “LED replacement GE 1383” (number on the bulb) and find a few options. Of course the one I want is $expensive$, but I’m going to keep an eye on it for a while and see if they come down in price. At least I learned some lamp terminology. I couldn’t figure out what to call the base on this one. It came out of the recessed fixtures over where the gaucho was. This will be the dinette and a bed. It’ll be good to have long-lasting energy-efficient lamps there for reading.

Old one looks kinda like this one

LED replacement looks like this

BXL630 – Elevator Cab Ceiling Spotlight LED Bulbs
Replaces “R12 Style” Incandescent #1383 & 1388
15mm Single Contact Bayonet Base

I’ve also been looking at mini-speakers that I could plug into my pda/phone so I can listen to mp3’s without headphones. I think I want something more than the cheap ones on Amazon. Guess I’ll need to investigate this more.

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  1. Rich Luhr Says:

    Hi Elly

    The LEDs will fit in place of traditional lamps but you won’t get nearly the same light. They tend to be much bluer in color (a very cool white), dimmer, and highly directional. So the effect is more of a spotlight or task light, and they don’t do a good job at lighting up a room. Most people I have talked to who have tried them (including me) have been disappointed.

    LEDs are great in taillights, clearance lights, and flashlights. But they just aren’t ready for general room lighting in an RV yet. When they are, I’ll be one of the first to switch over. In the meantime, I think your best option is still incandescent or fluorescent.

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