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Questions and hesitations

Well, once again its been a bit since I posted. I went back to work part time June 1st and have been trying to stay caught up on my rest. No major news on the Rosie front, but I have been thinking. Besides not being able to physically work on her, I’m also alittle unsure on a few design details.

Do I really want to get rid of the old furnace under the sink to make room for a double bed / dinette setup? Do I want to shorten the kitchentte. Do I want the bed/dinette combo? I still think the answer is yes, but I’m just a little hesitant to commit to it. I think I’d be ok for counter space if I reinstall the flip counter or get a new one. I do like the idea of having the catalytic gas heaters (1 or 2). I think I could put one on the side of the fridge (by the door) on a swivel to cover the front half and maybe one for the other half somewhere that has easy access to a gas connection (other side of fridge or other side of stove location near the remaining twin).

I’m thinking I need a professional to look at the belly pan and the septic/black tank connections. I need to get down there and take a look . I wonder if I should have the belly pan removed, the frame inspected and sandblasted and a new belly pan put on. Its such a cost, but it would make me feel more secure about the trailer’s longevity. I’d like more advice on this topic sometime. I don’t have a tow vehicle right now and I can’t do the hauling myself anyway, but I would like to know before I go replacing floor and installing anything if it needs more extensive repairs.

There’s more things, but I’ll save it for another post. Need to post more often.

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  1. Rich Luhr Says:

    Floor replacement is the biggest job in most Airstream renovations. Frame work is a close second, if needed. You’ll see the condition of the frame if you remove sections of the floor for replacement. If not, a peek under the belly pan is usually enough to verify the frame is OK. (Removing a dozen rivets in the pan here and there is often enough to get a decent look with a flashlight.)

    Typically a few sections of the belly pan come off for inspection of plumbing drain lines, valve replacement, snake skeleton removal, or re-wiring. In this process you usually end up replacing sections of the pan that are not worth re-attaching because of their decayed condition. But wholesale replacement of the pan is a lot of work and not usually necessary on a 70s Airstream.

    Hope that helps!

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