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Fiberglass Shower Seat Repair

Unfortunately, when I cleaned the bathroom ABS plastic fixtures with Retrobright (see previous post) and left them out in the sun to catch the ultraviolet rays, the wind picked up.  It blew the shower seat off the picnic table and it landed on the bend in the back and created a 2 x .25 inch crevice and a crack extending another 2-3 inches along the ridge.  I thought about having this fixed professionally and also looked around to see how hard it is to find a rear bathroom 1973 Safari shower seat — too expensive to have fixed and no obvious source for a replacement.  I wanted to learn how to do fiberglass, right? (stinky chemicals)

So here are some photos of my amateur attempt at fixing the shower seat.  The last shot shows it with a light coat of spray primer (painting later).  It’s not professional, but as my dad used to say “A blind man on a galloping horse won’t see it” or as Krusty the clown says “It’s not just good, it’s good enough.”  It just hit me, those two were a lot a like 😉

I received the Tubby USA DIY paint kit (Light Almond) yesterday to do the sink and now the tub seat.  I’ll put up pictures after I paint these pieces.

2 Responses to “Fiberglass Shower Seat Repair”

  1. Frank Yensan Says:

    that looks more than fine. You go girl!!!!!

  2. elly Says:

    Unfortunately, the fiberglass repair did not take. I am looking for a new shower seat ;(

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