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Insulation thoughts

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

prodexI’ve ruled out fiber glass, spray on, and foam boards.  I’m thinking two layers of foil insulation and using Prodex instead of Reflectix.  The total space is only 1.5 inches deep.  Apply first reflective layer directly to outside wall, use foam tape or  insulfoam as a perimeter and to create air space?  Is two layers of reflective foil overkill?  The electrical wiring would go in-between the two foil layers.  Can I tape the wires to the foil insulation?  Will it move around too much, tear or pull down the foil?  I’m also thinking of a thin double sided tape on the ribs before the inner panels go up.

Thanks to Malconium at Air Forums and others for sharing their experiences and information (Malconium’s post with pictures)

[side walls] x 2 x [length of trailer] = sq feet of insulation

8′ x 2 x 23′ = 368 sq feet (x2 layers = 736)

Expectation management

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I was hoping to have the front section completely gutted before the NE Tin Can Tourist Rally that’s happening this weekend in Sampson State Park, but I’m still happy with my progress.  I really can’t do much more until I disable the rest of the trailer.  So here is my latest shot.


[Click picture for larger view.]

I have developed my own labeling system that includes location and over/under lapping and imprinted with a sharpie and photo documentation.  I hope it still makes sense next summer.

I did find an old mouse nest in the front section full of decon.  The rest hasn’t been too interesting.
Mouse nest with decon stash

[Click picture for larger view]

And the walls come tumbling down

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

IMG_0051 Well, not exactly.  After drilling out many rivets with my new Makita (lost count how many) and the removal of electric switches, curtain hardware, window screen, and interior door trim (tricky one), the wall eventually comes out after you de-stick it from its siblings.  The insulation wasn’t in as bad a shape as I thought it would be.  Next section, I’ll take a picture before removing the “pink”, I was overly anxious to see the inside of the outside wall.

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